Codelco has the obligation to consider the multiple challenges, whether operational or productive, that the mining industry presents, with the necessary level of specificity and complexity that is required, for that purpose, it is required to have several Companies with different levels of specialization and to establish contractual relations in accordance with the complexity level.

Taking this into consideration, all suppliers registered in CODELCO’s supplier’s registry, must perform a SEGMENTATION process which considers 6 dimensions with 35 criteria in variables such as Operational Sustainability, Organizational Size, Financial Aspects, Safety, Human Resources, Innovation and Technological Development, with the objective of grouping common criteria, identify the suppliers and to understand the supplier’s strengths and differences in relation to their competitors.

Depending on these variables, one can establish services classified differently and to treat them differently as well.

For the segmentation process, all CODELCO’s registered companies must answer an online questionnaire in the supplier’s registry, as a way of validating the answers, it will be prompted the uploading of the backup trough documents, certificates, financial reports, etc…

With the received data, it is classified according to the score obtained by Dimension and Criteria. According to the score in each Dimension, a supplier can be classified with the letters A, B, C, D or E, with A being the highest grade.

Those suppliers who do not answer the questionnaire or do not facilitate the required information, will be qualified with the letter “E” and their expertise will be considered as minimal, and will not be considered as eligible in future tenders.

Segmentation Model Dimensions and Criteria (For Reference)

Dimension 1: Operational Sustainability

  • Market Participation
  • CODELCO’s relevance as a client
  • Codelco’s purchase concentration by area
  • Future Goals
  • Risk Control
  • Contract’s administration Control
Dimension 2: Organizational Size
  • Type of Equipment
  • Infrastructure Type
  • Sales Volume
  • Number of own employees
  • Genus Diversity
  • Number of contractors and their participation
Dimension 3: Financial Aspects
  • Payment’s Cycle
  • Effective Conversion Cycle
  • Indebtedness Rate (RE)
  • Liquidity
  • Acid Test
  • Tributary warnings
  • Factoring
  • CDebt payment capability
Dimension 4: HSEC Allingment (Sustainability
  • Enviromental and ocupational health Safety Policies
  • Business social responsability plan (RSE)
  • Quality, Safety and Enviromental Administration System
  • Risk Administration Note (NGR)
Dimension 5: Human Resources Administration and Shared Values
  • Strike Colective Agreement
  • Human Resources policy and training
  • Hired unionization percentage
  • RWomen representation y property/administration
  • Adherence to CODELCO’s value directives
Dimension 6: Innovation and Developement
  • Innovation Policy
  • Innovation practicing and/or continuous improvement
  • Informatic Systems
  • Innovation vision and objective
  • Dedicated Team
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